Her name is a household word

“I feel so blessed to have met Tree. My experience with her has been incredible. She easily established rapport with me and my family. She was just an excellent fit for us. We share many of the same views about natural home labor and birth. Having had five uncomplicated hospital births, I was so excited about having my sixth baby at home with Tree by my side, guiding me, teaching me, calming me, directing me, caring for me. Twelve days overdue and finally in labor, we were finally about to realize my long time dream of a home water birth.

"Everything was prepared. But, at the last minute, Tree determined that my condition was unstable enough that we needed to head to the hospital. The shock and heartbreak set in immediately. I protested. I sobbed. I begged and pleaded with her to let me stay home. She remained steadfast in her professional opinion that we should go. She stayed by my side, comforting and empathizing with me. She allowed me to tantrum until I could come to terms with the fact that I was not going to have my baby at home.

"At the hospital, Tree continued to be fully focused on me. She communicated effectively and sensitively with the hospital staff and my family, advocating for me. It was in the throws of transitional labor that I realized just how much I depended on her. Having lost my mother a year and a half ago, I found myself relying on Tree to temporarily fill that important role in my life at that time. There were times when the pain and anxiety were so intense that I needed only her touch and voice to ease me through it. At one point, I remember reaching beyond my husband for her hand and pulling her close. Ignoring all hospital staff (and the chaos they brought in with them), I sought Tree’s advice and direction. Despite previous concerns, there were no further complications and baby was born healthy.

My post partum care with Tree was a combination of physical and emotional care. Although she was there to ensure my physical recovery was going well, she also provided the support that I needed as I grieved for the home birth that I did not get. She assisted me through the entire recovery process by thoughtfully listening and offering validating words to me. She has made an indelible mark on me. Her name is a household word. I absolutely adore Tree and I recommend her services to any woman who is considering a midwife. I have trusted her with my life and she protected me, even when I fought her on it. Her experience is extensive and her priorities are straight. She has earned my respect and a place in my heart."

— Shirley Akua…Ohana…Aloha…Imua