I am thrilled

“As my labor support doula, Treesa was with me during two of the most important and intense days of my life. She was a constant source of comfort and support, and she empowered me to fully experience labor by reminding me to use coping and centering strategies. She included my husband as an integral part of these strategies, and she helped us navigate the medical bureaucracy of the hospital.

During my first labor and delivery, she served as an invaluable guide through a difficult labor that ended in an emergency C-section. I know that we did everything we could to avoid that outcome and, ultimately, that it was the right one for me and my son. When breastfeeding was difficult for me due to low supply and a poor latch, she gave creative solutions that avoided formula until we eventually were successful. For my second birth, I very much wanted a VBAC, and she was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. Her coaching helped me experience a natural, unmedicated vaginal delivery.

I am thrilled with the service she has provided me and my family, and I highly recommend her as a doula. If you think you don’t need a doula or your partner is concerned about losing his/her place as your labor coach, I encourage you to meet with Treesa and understand her approach and ability to assist you on the amazing journey of labor, delivery, and new parenthood!”

— Courtney