Isn’t that how every birth should be?

“Being this was my fourth time giving birth I knew enough to know that I don’t know everything. I was more nervous this time around than any of my previous labours. Mainly because this is our first homebirth even though our outlook, approach and philosophy about birth has progressively gotten more relaxed and open minded. We have had a hospital birth with a doc, hospital with a midwife, birth Center with midwife…and now a homebirth. So for us, it felt like a huge leap into the unknown…like first time parents.

So finding Treesa was nothing short of synchronicity and serendipity combined. We had moved to the area from 36 weeks pregnant and had very little time to find the “right ” match in a midwife. but Treesa instantly put my jumpy heart at easy and calmed the butterflies in my stomach about this huge decision to have our fourth baby at home. Right away I felt cared for and most important heard. All of my questions were answered and doubts squashed. I left every encounter with Treesa knowing and telling myself..” I can do this. Everything will be beautiful.” Being a homeschooling family everything is a lesson and having a baby is no exception. Each of our older children has participated and watched the latter being born. My 3 year old was the midwife apprentice at each visit. So this time around everyone felt completed invested and a part of our new addition’s journey to us. Even my very logical, pragmatic military husband ,who had doubts about my safety and the baby’s well being, came to completely trust Treesa and the process. So by the time my due date came around we were all ready.

But, as my due date came and went, I got a bit anxious but once again Treesa had an intuition and knowing about Teagan and when he will arrive. I had a few starts that did not pan out to the really deal. But a week after due date , we helped nudge the process along. Treesa came that afternoon and sat with me as contractions began and continued to get stronger. She was in our very intimate space , but at the same time you wouldn’t know she was there. She let me be…and that was a show of how much she trusts in your ability and hers. She checked on me often and I was almost ready to call it a day when I laid down and felt my tell tale sign that things are happening. She saw the look on my face and knew as well. The team had already arrived an hour or two earlier and my husband had just come in from class…so once again synchronicity at work. Once we knew labor was imminent, every one snapped into action. My home felt like a beehive…the gentle buzzing of activity around me , but at the same time very calm and relaxing. I asked for the lights to be out and to just be alone until I felt I needed help. And once again I was heard…and just like that everyone left and sat in the my son’s room across the hall..close enough but far enough to give me the privacy and intimacy I needed. As I sat in the dark…in the warmth of the birth tub listening to my “birth music” ..I felt good..I felt ready for whatever came my way because I was wise enough to know each labor is different and you never know how things will progress.

Things moved along at a nice pace, but the tub was too relaxing , so I got out to get things really moving. And sure enough as soon as I got up I felt all that the water had muffled. I felt every contractions. I was asked to try to walk, but I couldn’t even stand without shaking from the I stood. I got on the birthball and stood some more. The pressure was so great that I had to just sit and rock myself from side to side. All the while Treesa, my doula and the second midwife are right there with me…by my side telling me I am doing great. Then, the inevitable happened…I started vomiting…the one thing I was so afraid of because it makes labor so much worse for me. However, every time I took the homeopathic medicine for nausea, it would stop the nausea, but also the we had to do without it. But lucky, I had one or two episodes…everyone helped me get changed and clean and we were right back at it. For me nausea means the contractions were really intense. But my hand was held through it all….my back was rubbed and I was told that I am getting closer to the moment I have been waiting for. So, I kept that in mind thru each contraction, ” You are moving closer to meeting your baby.” with that on repeat in my made me go with the contractions instead of tensing up and going the other way. At this time I wanted and need to get back into the tub…things are just too intense. I was checked and I was about 6 cm dilated. I got back in the tub and really laboured. I had to rock and sway in the water to get me thru. I was checked and things had definitely progressed. I wanted to moan…so I did. I felt like a mother bear in a deep low growl. And i was given the space and acceptance to do whatever i had to. I wanted to scream and I did. I wanted to push, but I just bore down..then I could feel my bag of water still intact..outside of me swaying with me like I had a tail. It was the weirdest and coolest feeling ever. I was checked again and I was ready. So I was assisted out of the tub. The lights clicked on and we got ready. I was allowed to push when I felt ready. I was able to listen to my body while Treesa listened to me. In that moment, I felt so encouraged, strong and supported. Since my son never descended and was very high up I had to push him I still had a bit of a cervical lip left that Treesa had to hold…not fun at all. But Treesa listened to me, told me what she had to do and why and what I had to do. I pushed, she held the lip and my son slid by Treesa’s hand on his descent out.

It makes you marvel at how miraculous the body and birth process is. One more good push and enter Teagan into our world. He was still attached to me , cord pulsing as I immediately grabbed him and nursed him. How amazing! The midwives gave me a minute before we delivered the placenta. Then, I was taken care of, cleaned up and put to bed with my little one with my onlooking older children close by. My husband was wonderful thru it all.and the midwives and doula hugged me, congratulated me, nurtured me and stayed with me until we were good and settled into nursing and sleep. Isn’t that how every birth should be?”

— Tanya