“I remember feeling like everything was spiraling so far beyond my grasp, and the terror that came with that. I remember saying to Treesa ‘I think I’m having a panic attack’ during one of the worst contractions, Treesa placing a finger on my forehead and instructing me to open my eyes, look at her, and breath. I did, and it worked.”

Tired new mom

“Because of all you taught us, the process of my labor and the decisions we were required to make were much easier for us…at every stage, your education process and healthy encouraging attitude made our tasks manageable.”

— tired new mom


“If you are thinking about hiring a midwife or doula, stop thinking about it and DO IT! If you have the opportunity to work with Treesa McLean then you are lucky indeed. No matter what you envision for your labor and postpartum experience, the only thing that you can be sure of is that something about it will surprise you.

When that happens, Treesa is there to help. Her vast experience will be there for you to help you make decisions that would be overwhelming to deal with on your own. We were fortunate to have the natural childbirth that we had hoped for with Treesa at our side. However, when our baby was breech at 36 weeks and medical intervention was necessary to avoid a c-section, Treesa was our guide and supporter there as well. A week has gone by in a blur since our daughter was born, but our gratitude for Treesa’s help will last forever.

— Eliana, Josh and Talia

Twin Mom

“Treesa was critical to my process of becoming a twin mom, it took the support of 4 midwifes to bring them into the world. Treesa was the midwife who provided the part of my care that was for me. The first time I truly heard my baby’s heart beat was with her.

She held them with wonder and light. I had a lot of care during my pregnancy but one of the reasons I could be in love with my babies was Treesa. She helped grow me in to a loving happy multiple momma. She held that it was possible when a lot of people had fear. You can find any health care practitioner to check your pee, listen to your baby’s heart rate and measure your belly, finding someone to support you in becoming a Happy mommy and even bigger health family is hard to come by. Treesa can do this. She did for me.”

— New Mom

100% present

“All four of my grandchildren (so far) had Tree as their attendant at their births. The experience for me was one of relief and awe in knowing someone with great skill, knowledge, compassion, caring and control would be 100% present for my child, their partner, the baby, and our family. I could be a helping Mom if that was needed and wanted, but I could also enjoy the miracle of the birth of a grandchild without being depended upon to make everything okay.”
— Gail R